Japanese Bikes Sport Great Motorcycle Fairings

Japanese makes like Honda and Yamaha make incredible motorcycle fairings, and many of the aftermarket designs are just as great. There are a few reasons for this consistently high level of quality manufacturing. Inexpensive bikes were first developed in that part of the world. Japanese builders pioneered many types of lightweight motorcycles and fairings. Japan is well known for making ABS plastic, which is a key component in molding motorcycle fairings.

Light goods are often moved around by motorcycle in Japan. The image of a motorcycle rider delivering items ordered from a ramen shop is a common sight in many works of Japanese fiction. Special motorcycle fairings and enclosures are used to turn ordinary lightweight bikes into serious workhorses. Some businesses use stock bikes while others use certain types of customs. This ready market has increased the demand for reliable bikes from Asian builders.

Many of the major Japanese builders have experience making other products. Suzuki Michio founded the original company as the Suzuki Loom Works in 1909. The factory in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka boomed as it made countless looms for the huge silk industry in Japan. Japan continues to be a major producer of raw silk. The firm entered the automobile industry in the 1930s. However, the Second World War hampered the company’s dream of producing these new vehicles.

Japanese consumers wanted reliable personal transportation after the war, and Suzuki eventually turned to making clip on gas engines for bicycles. While these lacked even the most basic of motorcycle fairings, clip on bikes featured a double-sprocket gear system. Such designs were extremely innovative for the time. Suzuki was making around 6,000 motorcycles each month by 1954. They changed their name to Suzuki Motor Corporation around the same time. That’s not bad for a company that was capitalized at only ¥500,000 in 1920.

Even a number of lightweight models without stock motorcycle fairings have strong fitment. Suzuki’s T 350 bike was manufactured between 1969 and 1973. The air-cooled 315 cc engine provided riders with a top speed of around 90 mph. Of course, some of the newest street bikes come with great motorcycle fairings right off of the lot. People that need replacements may look to either OEM or aftermarket parks, provided that they’re ordering them from a reputable dealer to begin with.

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